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Our pledge:

Provide celerity, confidence and compliance to the agreements of individuals and businesses in Latin America.

CINCEL - Metafirma-as-a-Service | Software de firma electrónica

We are a technology firm focused on the development of digital signature software through blockchain notarization and ensuring that it is legally binding (NOM-151 + ISO/IEC). With its ease of use and optimal cost-benefit, we seek to expand acces to CINCEL in Mexico and Latin America.

We were incubated in San Francisco by Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator in 2019, where the project to create the easiest and most reliable digital signature solution was born. We have also been selected as one of the best startups in Latin America by MassChallenge, PlatziDemoDay, Parallel18, INCmty and fAIr LAC.

In mid-2020, we launched our digital signature software as a service for any business with the best services on the market. Together with more than 100 partners, integrators, distributors and allies, we have achieved more than 100 thousand signatures throughout Latin America.

The entire CINCEL Ecosystem will continue to accelerate the digital transformation of companies in fulfillment of our pledge, and as leaders in the digital signature category by companies from Gartner, G2 and SourceForge.

CINCEL expands the adoption of the digital signature with blockchain in LATAM

+200K Users

have signed contracts in the suite.

+100 Partners

have joined our ecosystem.

+10 Countries

Clients in Latin America.

USD +50M

Our clients have saved in money.

+8,000 Years

Our clients have saved of their time.

33 Ton/CO2

Our clients have prevented CO2 of carbon being released.

Leaders in the digital signature software category
by Gartner and G2

G2 High performer - Spring 2022 - CINCEL
G2 Easiest to use - Spring 2022 - CINCEL
G2 Easiest setup spring 2022 - CINCEL
G2 Users most likely to recommend - Spring 2022 - CINCEL
G2 Easiest to do business with mid-market - Spring 2022 - CINCEL
G2 High performer - Mid-Market - Spring 2022 - CINCEL
Slashdot - Top performer - Fall 2021 - CINCEL
Sourceforge - Top performer - Fall 2021 - CINCEL
Capterra - Ease of use 2021 - CINCEL

+200,000 sign with CINCEL

+100 are CINCEL Partners

"In Grupo Sable we firmly believe in the mission of simplifying day-to-day life, through digital ecosystems. For this reason, we see in CINCEL and its founding team a similar vision and a product recognized today as one of the easiest and most complete platforms to sign documents in the world; we immediately decided to be part of a joint vision to improve the quality of life of thousands of people in our continent."
Director of Innovation
Felipe Ojeda - SABLE

Regional Impact

For the last 5 years, we have been driving the blockchain community through CINCEL and LUMIT in various ways:

CINCEL - Aceleración - San Francisco

Acceleration - San Francisco

Representing the blockchain community of Mexico and LATAM in San Francisco and Silicon Valley during the acceleration of the Blockchain Berkeley Xcelerator at the University of California-Berkeley.

CINCEL - Dekrypt Capital y Blockchain@Berkeley

Dekrypt Capital and Blockchain@Berkeley

Collaboration with Dekrypt Capital and Blockchain at Berkeley for the development of the curriculum in Spanish and fostering the blockchain ecosystem in Mexico and LATAM.

CINCEL - Asesores de instituciones

Advisors to institutions

Advisors to Banxico, KPMG Mexico, The Mexican Federal Police, HSBC, Coppel, Federal Government in Digital Strategy and in the One Team BlockchainMX.

CINCEL - Delegado en la ONU - Nueva York

Delegate to the UN - New York

Delegate at the United Nations Organization for Blockchain for Impact by the Blockchain Commission Global Summit in New York on behalf of Mexico and LATAM.

CINCEL - Eventos y conferencias

Events and conferences

Organizers of the Earth-X-Mexico hackathon along with the Blockchain for Impact commission of the UN. Presentations at events such as Talent Land and INCMty.

CINCEL - Impulso de iniciativas blockchain

Fostering of blockchain initiatives

We promote blockchain initiatives through meetups in Mexico City together with Women in Blockchain, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, Celo, IBM, Stellar, Genobank, Dfinity, Holochain, Wanchain, Golem, Prescrypto and others.

"It is a professional and experienced team, which has demonstrated deep knowledge in blockchain technology at a technical and practical level."
Director of Risk Financial Management
Daniel Vega - KPMG México

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