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Enable the digital world of companies that operate in Mexico and Latin America through trust services for their agreements and processes with legal compliance.

At CINCEL we believe in a present where our clients and partners can make reliable digital agreements in an agile and frictionless manner in Mexico and Latin America.

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Users have signed and certified contracts at CINCEL.


Companies with technological or financial core from 12+ countries.


Partners are part of the CINCEL ecosystem.


Dollars have been saved by our customers by using CINCEL.


Dollars have been saved by our customers by using CINCEL.


Faster onboardings are created in CINCEL. ​


Errors and bureaucracy are eliminated in the processes.


Our clients improve their user experience.

We are the technology company that is changing the status quo in the way of making agreements and processes with compliance in Mexico and Latin America. We are focused on developing trust solutions through a platform with digital signature services, digital certification (NOM-151 + ISO/IEC + Blockchain + Audit), digital identity (Biometrics + Background Check) and document management (CLM). . Through its ease of use and the best cost-benefit, we seek to democratize access to our solution for the region.

We were incubated in San Francisco by the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator at the heart of UC Berkeley University at the end of 2019. Since then, we have been selected as one of the best startups in Latin America by MassChallenge, Platzi, Parallel18, INCmty and fAIr LAC of the IDB.

In the middle of 2020, we launch our software as a service to the market for any company with the best offer in the market. Since then, together with more than 200 partners, integrators, distributors and allies, we have impacted more than 300,000 throughout Latin America.

During 2022, we were recognized by media such as TechCrunch as the only LATAM startup exhibitor at its climate change event, by Forbes as one of the fastest growing startups in Mexico, and by 100 PRO as one of the best startups in Latin America.

The entire CINCEL Trust Ecosystem will continue working to accelerate the digital transformation of companies with legal compliance. Being listed as industry leaders for the third consecutive year (2023 – 2021) by companies from Gartner, G2 and SourceForge.

CINCEL aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

CINCEL founders

Fernando VeraCEO & Co-Founder of CINCEL
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"CINCEL is a suite of services around signatures such as identity, certification and blockchain. However, all this has a reason for basic principles, for what transparency is, to generate trust in the digital world."
Carla VázquezLegal Lead & Co-Founder of CINCEL
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"We are all interested in having an understanding of what is ethical and moral... there are a series of guidelines that we must contemplate when we are already in the digital environment so that we do not just stay in the strictly legal world but rather go beyond."
Carla VázquezLegal Lead & Co-Founder of CINCEL
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"We are all interested in having an understanding of what is ethical and moral... there are a series of guidelines that we must contemplate when we are already in the digital environment so that we do not just stay in the strictly legal world but rather go beyond."
Juan José DomínguezGrowth Lead & Co-Founder
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"It is a fact that most businesses are digital and that this normality relies on compliance if they require a digital signature. We are going to evolve the issue of certification, offering this service better and educating better. The future is towards compliance side without losing sight of the issue of experience."

500,000+ trust CINCEL

Alberto - Arkangeles
(Authorized Crowdfunding by CNBV)
Simple, Flexible and Convenient. Custom Platform
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"The platform is very easy to use. The multiple tools available have allowed us to create a more personalized experience. As a Fintech in a newly regulated environment, sensitive customer data such as investment agreements must be treated and stored in accordance with our standards. The CINCEL team took all the necessary measures to ensure that we could trust them for our operation while complying with current law in Mexico, with other international standards and norms."
Salvador - BuzonE
(PAC authorized by SAT)
The Best Digital Signature Platform in LATAM
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"The digital signature experience is simple and powerful. You don't need to be an expert or know the subject to be able to sign a document. In addition to having all the necessary legal compliance for Mexico."
Luis - SAP Gold Partner
(SAP Implementer)
CINCEL is the Strategic Ally
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"CINCEL is for us a strategic ally that adds value to our proposals by having advanced technology that meets the requirements of our clients in LATAM. CINCEL always takes into account the legal compliance of the documents without stopping to seek that the end user has the best possible experience".
Liliana - Alesca
(IT Services - Microsoft Partner)
Ease of Use and Compliance in Mexico
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"The experience with CINCEL has been most pleasant, the commercial team is always attentive and supporting in all aspects necessary for the adoption of the tool, the legal team has helped us clarify doubts regarding the legality of the firms in Mexico and strengthen this practice both internally and with customers and suppliers."
Miguel - Brumbee
(ERP in the cloud)
Easy and Safe to Sign with Digital Signature
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"It is very easy to integrate thanks to its API, with which we can integrate the autograph signature and Mexican advanced electronic signature (e.firma of SAT) so that the customer or user experience is extraordinary."
Santiago - Devarana
(Real Estate)
The Easiest Digital Signature Software for Real Estate
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"Easy to use from the registry, it also complies with the Mexican standard NOM-151-SCFI-2016, which is mandatory for any electronic document that has legal validity in front of the courts. They also have other functionalities that allow speeding up procedures inside and outside the organization such as work, commercial, human and legal resources contracts."
Cesar - C2Suite
(Marketing Agency)
CINCEL is a Digital Transformer
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"It is easy to use because it does not require special technical knowledge. It is intuitive. It has several document management options. You can easily organize your documents"

CINCEL is considered a leader by Gartner and G2 brands

Sourceforge - Top performer - Fall 2021 - CINCEL
Capterra - Ease of use 2021 - CINCEL

250+ CINCEL Partners

Iñigo Rumayor Belausteguigoitia
Iñigo Rumayor BelausteguigoitiaInvestor AngeCEO of Arcus - Acquired by Mastercard)
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“CINCEL has had a solid evolution since it went on the market and it can be seen reflected in its team and product. This is one of the decisions that led me to participate as an angel investor in CINCEL.”
Juan Pablo Jiménez
Juan Pablo Jiménez Investor Angel (Vice President of LATAM Sales of Mambu and Ex-Onespan)
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“CINCEL was a perfect fit for our investment thesis, a clear combination of market fit solving a real market problem with an exceptional team. Always willing to challenge the status quo, putting himself in the client's shoes before making any decision”.
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega Strategic Ally (Strategy Director of Grensa Sofipo and Ex-KPMG)
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"It is a professional and experienced team, which has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology on a technical and practical level."

Press and media

The CINCEL team has been formed with the best

fAIr LAC del BID
(Virtual, 2022)

(Puerto Rico, 2021)

Platzi DemoDay  
(Virtual, 2021)

(Mexico, 2020)

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator 
(San Francisco, 2019)

(Mexico, 2019)

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