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Digital Signature

Streamline the digital signature flow of your customers wherever they are and personalize their experience

Autograph signature
Sign documents with an autograph signature and with legal binding from any device.

Mexican advanced signature (e.firma / FIEL + FIREL)
Choose the option where your signatories use their Mexican advanced electronic signature of the SAT (e.firma / FIEL) or the FIREL of the Federal Judiciary (PJF). *Service available by API.

  • Autograph and advanced signatures.
  • Signatories and Observers.
  • Organizations and folders.
  • Forms and templates.

Have visibility of the signatories from start to finish with the signer directory (CSV + manual), signer stages (order them during the signing process), and signer sheet (document proof of the signatures collected with binding elements for each signer).

Configure your logo, institutional color and notification emails on the platform. It offers a better user experience.

*Service available for Business and Enterprise plan.

At the client’s request, CINCEL can save the information in a database to be provisioned by the client in their own cloud account. This allows data custody on the data side.

In addition, the web interface of the platform can be available in a client’s own domain. The login page will be personalized with the client’s logo, institutional color, and domain.

*Premium service available for the Enterprise plan.

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of any person with AI by matching with their Mexican ID (INE / Passport) or Latin ID (Passport)

(OCR – Optical Character Recognition) with 99.90% accuracy with Artificial Intelligence. Automatically capture ID and fill data to streamline workflow.

Allows for automatic ID verification that meets Mexican compliance requirements. Detects document type, extracts biometric and alphanumeric data from identification, and authenticates with 50+ document-specific forensic tests.

(Liveness Test) performs biometric matching tests for facial recognition and life detection. Prevent and thwart deepfakes, spoofing, and fraud. Liveness options include Blink, Passive and Flashmark technology.

ID verification (determines if it is an authentic ID or has been manipulated with INE + Renapo government consultation).

No-Code Integrations

Automate your signed and certified docs with 5,000+ Apps

Know the background of anyone and avoid fraud in Mexico

Background Check

Check the background of anyone in Mexico from 100+ Public Records

Consult and validate the CURP, RFC, INE and Professional Certificate of any person in Mexico.

Obtain the IMSS Social Security Number, the Proof of Contributed Weeks, Labor History, and Salary Progression of any person in Mexico.

Find out if the person has a current mortgage credit at INFONAVIT.

Check if the person is in the Single Registry of Movable Guarantees or is a shareholder of a company in Mexico (SIGER).

Know the credit history of any person in Mexico by consulting their bureau report, level of indebtedness and payment compliance.

Find out if the person has had or has trials in Mexico at the federal or local level, if they have been tried or if they have made agreements and their file number.

Find out if the person is on any of the National and International Black Lists.

Credit History for Mexico

Know the Credit Bureau, Payment Compliance and Indebtedness Level of any person in Mexico

Obtaining the credit bureau report.
Obtaining the level of indebtedness of the person.
Obtaining the level of payment compliance.

Employment Information for Mexico

Obtain the IMSS Social Security Number, the Proof of Contributed Weeks and Employment History​ of any person in Mexico

Obtaining the Assignment Proof (Process homoclave + Format homoclave + Folio + Process request date + Social Security number + CURP + Names + Surnames + Sex + Date of birth + Place of birth + Notarial sequence + Serial number), and IMSS Social Security Number Card (Date + Folio of the application + Image of the NSS card to print and cut out + Notarial Sequence + Serial Number).

Obtaining Evidence of Contribution Weeks in the IMSS with the Detail of Contribution Weeks and Labor History such as Name of Employers, Employer Registry, Federative Entity, Date of Registration and Deregistration, Base Salary of Contribution.

Check if the person has a Current Credit at INFONAVIT.

International Black Lists

Find out if the person is on any of the National and International Black Lists, Sanctions, and Criminal Lists

List of taxpayers who have issued receipts without contact with assets, personnel, infrastructure or material capacity, directly or indirectly to provide services, produce, market, or deliver goods in accordance with Article 69 B of the Federal Tax Code in Mexico (CFF).
OFAC – US Office of Assets Control + UN + UK HMT + Australian DFAT + World Bank List of Ineligible Companies and Individuals + US Bureau of Industry and Security Denied Persons List + List debarment from the Inter-American Development Bank (BIS) + Other lists from Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.
FBI – Fugitive Wanted List + Interpol – Fugitive List + DEA – Fugitive List for United States Drug Enforcement.
SEC – United States Securities and Exchange Commission + Financial Authorities from North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Politicians and diplomats from 200 countries + Members of political parties + Senior officials or members of supervisory bodies + Officials and directors of international organizations + Senior officials and officials in charge of public security in Europe.


CINCEL is considered a leader by Gartner and G2 brands

Protect your digital documents with legal binding for Mexico and LATAM

Legal Timestamps (NOM-151 + ISO + Blockchain)

Automatically certifies any document or data message with legal binding timestamps for Mexico (NOM-151) and tamper-proof (public Blockchains)

Obtain Data Message Conservation Certificates and Digital Timestamps of the documents signed according to the Mexican norm NOM-151-SCFI-2016.

In addition to NOM-151, the Smart Certificates of CINCEL contains Blockchain Certificates, Audit Footprint and advanced signature functions.

Notarize signed documents with public Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, obtaining certificates in XML and PDF. Tamper proof.

In addition to the Blockchain Certificates, the Smart Certificates of CINCEL contains NOM-151, Audit Footprint and advanced signature functions.

Receive an audit trail that shows binding and evidence elements in the signing and certification process of each document with traceability and integrity validation.

In addition to the Audit Footprint, the Smart Certificate of CINCEL contains NOM-151, Blockchain and advanced signature functions.

Massive Document Digitization

Convert physical documents into digital files with specialized technology and certified processes for Mexico and LATAM

Digitize documents through a Legally Authorized Third Party (TLA) accredited by the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.

Optical Character Recognition Services (OCR, Optical Character Recognition). Extract and process images from information from texts and tables. With procedures that include saving scanned images of documents and books in text format, without the need for manual capture in a text editor.

The conversion of microfilm to digital format is of great importance for three fundamental reasons. Firstly, it facilitates access to information, since searching for images through microfiche or film readers can be tedious and slow, especially when frequent consultation is required.

Microfilm conversion service will save you significant time and money. It has extensive experience in processing millions of images from microfilm, which allows us to offer the best solution in terms of conversion.

It backs up digital documents to analog formats and guarantees the preservation of information.


1,500+ companies have implemented CINCEL

Alberto - Arkangeles
(Authorized Crowdfunding by CNBV)
Simple, Flexible and Convenient. Custom Platform
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"The platform is very easy to use. The multiple tools available have allowed us to create a more personalized experience. As a Fintech in a newly regulated environment, sensitive customer data such as investment agreements must be treated and stored in accordance with our standards. The CINCEL team took all the necessary measures to ensure that we could trust them for our operation while complying with current law in Mexico, with other international standards and norms."
Salvador - BuzonE
(PAC authorized by SAT)
The Best Digital Signature Platform in LATAM
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"The digital signature experience is simple and powerful. You don't need to be an expert or know the subject to be able to sign a document. In addition to having all the necessary legal compliance for Mexico."
Luis - SAP Gold Partner
(SAP Implementer)
CINCEL is the Strategic Ally
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"CINCEL is for us a strategic ally that adds value to our proposals by having advanced technology that meets the requirements of our clients in LATAM. CINCEL always takes into account the legal compliance of the documents without stopping to seek that the end user has the best possible experience".
Liliana - Alesca
(IT Services - Microsoft Partner)
Ease of Use and Compliance in Mexico
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"The experience with CINCEL has been most pleasant, the commercial team is always attentive and supporting in all aspects necessary for the adoption of the tool, the legal team has helped us clarify doubts regarding the legality of the firms in Mexico and strengthen this practice both internally and with customers and suppliers."
Miguel - Brumbee
(ERP in the cloud)
Easy and Safe to Sign with Digital Signature
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"It is very easy to integrate thanks to its API, with which we can integrate the autograph signature and Mexican advanced electronic signature (e.firma of SAT) so that the customer or user experience is extraordinary."
Santiago - Devarana
(Real Estate)
The Easiest Digital Signature Software for Real Estate
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"Easy to use from the registry, it also complies with the Mexican standard NOM-151-SCFI-2016, which is mandatory for any electronic document that has legal validity in front of the courts. They also have other functionalities that allow speeding up procedures inside and outside the organization such as work, commercial, human and legal resources contracts."
Cesar - C2Suite
(Marketing Agency)
CINCEL is a Digital Transformer
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"It is easy to use because it does not require special technical knowledge. It is intuitive. It has several document management options. You can easily organize your documents"

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