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Offer CINCEL as added value to your community

Let’s democratize access to trusted solutions for Latin America through support programs with benefits and discounts for communities and NGOs in the region.

A CINCEL Ally promotes better human development

Non-profit Associations

Gender Equality and Opportunities

Sustainability and Environment

Human Health and Well-being

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Vulnerable and Affected Groups

Education and skills

Reduction of Inequality and Poverty

Requisitos para ser un aliado CINCEL - Firma digital

Basic requirements to be a CINCEL Ally

1. Being an NGO, association or incorporated company

Represent a community or institution that has a positive impact on society or the environment.​

2. Fill out the pre-registration

Fill out the pre-registration form to be contacted with the CINCEL commercial team and start with the first steps.​

3. Formalization of alliance

Meet with the CINCEL team to offer discounts and benefits to your community.​

Offer CINCEL as added value to your community

With preferential discounts, events and content on digital signature, notarization with blockchain and legal validity in digital contracts.

Ofrece CINCEL como valor agregado a tu comunidad - Software con NOM-151

Be part of the partner ecosystem and offer the benefit to your community